Let’s begin with space and your writing frontier, find yourself a dedicated space to write, and it does not necessarily have to be inside your home.

If it is inside your home, make sure that your writing surface has enough room for your writing instrument- be it your laptop or pen and notebook.

As a caveat- your lap does not qualify as a writing surface, because your mind believes your lap is a casual space.

Your writing surface must be solid, because your mind equates a solid surface with serious business.

The surface that you sit on must also be solid and, it does not necessarily have to be a chair so long as it’s comfortable.

Your writing space must be distraction free, if at all, possible it should be separate from your communal area. If you write in your living room, it should be free of people and with the television off.

Only you know what easily distracts you, so in order to take your writing seriously- you must seriously make your writing space clear of those distractions.

Your writing space should involve things that are pleasant to your five senses:



When I look into my writing space I see my beautiful painting of the Georgia O’Keefe “Black Iris” I bought at a Thrift Store in L. A. several decades ago, it makes me feel like I’m in the presence of a creative who carved out time to indulge in her art.

You owe it to yourself to find a painting or poster that makes you feel in the presence of an artist who cared enough to continue to create their work.

I love to look at the most famous writing quote by Toni Morrison about writing the book you want to read, I feel she was speaking directly to me when I first read it several years ago when I was unsure if I wanted to continue to write.

It behooves you as a writer to find a quote by another writer that you admire or just Google quotes by writers that you resonate with, it will keep you writing.

I have a funny info-gram featuring the eighteen different types of “light” which is quite funny to me, so when you need to look up from you writing to give your eyes a distraction.

Something colorful funny and slightly informative works wonders, you should find wall coverings that add some humor and are pleasing to your eyes.



I have a variety of scented candles I choose from, based on what I would like the room to smell like.

Sometimes it is the purple smell of lilacs, or the blue of the ocean, even the browns of sandalwood and cedar also the whites of linen and cotton.

At times the deep green of evergreen reminds me to just breathe and, dream of what I want my writing to be to the world at large.

If you’re not into candles, then plug-in room fresheners or incense sticks or cones, how your writing space smells has an effect on your productivity.



I choose my music based on what kind of writing I will be engaging in.

My default music is country music, but I do have several Spotify playlists that I have created for particular writing pieces.

Such as, gaming battle anthems for a high conflict narrative. Also an all female country and pop for when I’m working on my series populated with women, but for my dark series of vignettes I loop my heavy metal.

There are two things to remember when you are searching for your auditory “white” noise- the music must be what you really enjoy listening to and second remember it is just ambiance to your writing.



I eat and drink different things throughout the day, my top priority is that I enjoy consuming them.

I drink both coffee and Earl Grey or English Breakfast teas, on occasion I do enjoy sipping a glass of Cabernet throughout the day.

I lean toward more natural and organic food fare through out the day, the point is that I enjoy consuming these things and you should do the same, whatever you choose make sure that your taste buds are delighted.



I have a couple of specific outfits that I wear when I’m ready to write, for instance my main outfit consists of black yoga pants, a charcoal cotton tank, a soft dark grey hoodie with purple and grey sparkle ankle socks sometimes for added warmth I drape my wool cape over my shoulders, I have a few alternate pieces that all feel comfortable against my skin.

It is quite important that whatever you wear to write feels good on your skin- trust me it will be like a scavenger hunt to find your optimum writing garb, but it is worth it for the sake of your writing.

Yes, my writing space sounds ideal and it is- because I made it that way, and you can do the same with yours.

It doesn’t matter if it is the largest room in a three bedroom home, a linen closet at work, the backseat of your vehicle parked in the driveway or a table in a coffee bar, your writing space changes as your life does- still just make that writing space your own.


Valerie J Runyan- Writing Life Coach